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Diamond Grille Screens

Diamond Grille Doors And Screens, Adelaide

Diamond grille screens are a familiar sight on doorways and windows around Adelaide. Did you know that the manufacturing process for diamond window grilles was invented right here in Adelaide? They’ve been around since the 1970s, however diamond grilles are not as popular these days due to the development of plain mesh security doors in the late 1990s. While plain mesh doors are significantly more secure, our team at ASI Security is happy to custom make diamond grille doors or screens to your requirements.

When considering purchasing diamond grilles we can offer safety doors made to two distinct standards: the light weight Pointer and the heavy duty Sharkurity options.


The Pointer™ series of diamond grille doors and window screens are the entry level into the Amplimesh range. They are ideal for those seeking a budget-conscious option where security is not a primary consideration. The Pointer range of products are most popular with landlords as a cost-effective but sturdy solution for screening rental properties.

Pointer™ doors provide a visual deterrent against unwanted guests. They can be fitted with a range of fly screens including pet resistant mesh or privacy mesh. They come with single deadlocks as a standard with an option to upgrade to a 3-point lock.

Pointer series are classified as barrier or safety doors and screens, rather than security doors. They are assembled using a basic 7mm diamond grille design 127 in a medium weight door frame. Design 127 grille comes in a wide range of sizes to enable us to custom make even the larger and wider doors so popular in the new home market. They are also a very popular choice for safety window screens.

Benefits of Pointer:

  • A visual deterrent at a budget price point.
  • Sturdy construction using a medium weight extruded frame with a 7mm aluminium diamond grille Design 127
  • Includes single deadlock with 5 pin tumbler
  • Includes 3 fixed pin hinges, a doorcloser and a bugstrip
  • A choice of flywire options
  • Available in 12 standard colours
  • Several sizes for doors
  • Also available as window grilles.
The Pointer Screen Door


The Sharkurity™ series is the heavy-duty diamond grille security door system that is in a class of its own. Using only the genuine Amplimesh diamond grille security screen, the famous one-piece extruded 7mm thick grille and specially designed heavy duty extruded frame. Sharkurity™ products provide a visual deterrent and effective protection against uninvited guests entering your home.

Sharkurity™ security grilles are available in heavy duty single diamond Design 133. All Sharkurity™ hinged doors are custom made to measure as well as powder coated to suit your home decor requirements. A variety of wires can be used from fiberglass or aluminium to give you maximum airflow, Tuffscreen or Paw Mesh for maximum resilience to pets, or DVA mesh for privacy. For increased safety, all Sharkurity doors are fitted with Lockwood 3-Point locks. We even include a LockGuard, as standard, to prevent the opportunistic intruder simply poking their fingers through the grille and unlocking a door that is only snib locked.

Please note that due to limited grille sizes Sharkurity diamond grille security doors can only be manufactured for standard sized doors, up to 850mm wide x 2100mm high.

Sharkurity Diamond Grille Door

Benefits of Sharkurity:

  • Heavy duty extruded Sharkurity™ frame, with a deep serrated receiver channel to ensure that together with 26 strategically positioned rivets the grille is held firmly in place.
  • Genuine Amplimesh Sharkurity™ grille, the famous one-piece extruded 7mm thick grille with a 10 year guarantee of quality and a choice of two designs to enhance any home.
  • Lockwood 3-Point Lock, internally mounted, utilising hook bolt actuators for premium security.
  • LockGuard polycarb plate included for extra safety.
  • Available in most Dulux powder coat range of colours
  • Includes 3 fixed pin hinges, a door closer and a bug strip
  • A choice of fly wire options available

While diamond grille doors and grilles are effective and affordable barriers, you may want to consider upgrading to plain mesh security doors and window security screens for your property.

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