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Do Security Doors Come with Warranties?

ASI offers an extraordinary range of security doors to protect your family and belongings adequately. We understand that safety is the biggest concern for our customers and the expectation is that our security doors are to perform their duty successfully for the years to come.

We have been manufacturing and installing top of the range security doors for over 25 years and have unmatched industry experience using the highest quality Australian materials. Our service is the complete package from initial advice all the way through to the final touches.

Through our many years of dedicated service to the community, we have received feedback and continued to learn how to serve our customers best. One of the things our loyal customers have come to expect is guarantees, in both quality and price.

When choosing ASI for your security doors, you can rely on us to give you the complete service. To help provide you with some pertinent information regarding our warranty policies, we have some detailed information presented below.

Security Doors and Their Service Warranty

The team at ASI security doors works vehemently to manufacture custom-made, door and screen security solutions and install them seamlessly into your home. Our passion for safety and peace of mind combined with our decades of combined experience in the field allow us to provide a unique, personal warranty.

We extend to our valued customers a two-year warranty on manufacture and installation of all our security doors. Our warranty guarantee means that if your lock or door closer stop working for any reason whatsoever, we will send someone out immediately free of charge to fix or change the faulty parts.

It’s vital for us to make sure our customers feel protected from potential intruders so please give us a call as soon as you think there’s a possibility that your door or lock is faulty. Even though it is an infrequent occurrence for our security doors to have a fault, it’s a worthwhile practice to lubricate your locks twice to four times yearly.

Aerosol-based silicone sprays such as WD-40 are perfect for use in the latch bolt cavities. For keys and key slots of lock cylinders, use only dry graphite powder for lubrication.

Suppliers warranty

Our supplier of screen and security doors Amplimesh has a guarantee in place for each type of security door they offer. It is worth considering these warranties when making your purchase.

Amplimesh’s warranties range from 7 years for their most basic product and peaks at 16 years for their top product. Feel free to discuss with the friendly ASI team which door suits you best and don’t be afraid to inquire the exact warranty of each product and what you are entitled to as a customer.

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