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Why Consider Fire Attenuation Screens In Adelaide?

What Are Fire Attenuation Screens?

So why think about fire attenuation screens in Adelaide? As property values continue to rise in South Australia and around the country, the trend for high density living continues to grow. Houses are being constructed closer together, often close to boundary lines. This coupled with the increase in apartment living has led to challenges for planning authorities, not the least of which is how to stop the spread of fire in the event that the unthinkable happens and a building catches alight.

Fire attenuation screens are one solution and are designed to resist radiant heat and minimise the risk of fire spreading between buildings. They also increase the chance of people safely leaving a building and reduce the intensity of the fire impact while it is being brought under control.

Beat The Heat With SupaScreen Security Screens

Amplimesh SupaScreen security screens for doors and windows can be used in fire attenuation applications.

When tested, Amplimesh SupaScreen security screens achieved an attenuation level of 41%, meaning an impressive 59% of heat was reduced and blocked when exposed to an irradiance heat of 40kW/m2 for 121 minutes!

For more information on fire attention screens Adelaide download Amplimesh’s Fire Attenuation Screen brochure or talk to the team at ASI Security, trusted Amplimesh Dealers.

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