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Fly Screen Doors & Windows Adelaide

Fly Screen Doors & Windows Adelaide

Fly screen doors are a must if you do not want annoying insects sharing the inside of your home. Unwanted flying insects, small lizards, spiders and other bugs can gain access to the interior of your home if it is not protected with good quality, perfectly fitted flydoors. A stray or neighbourhood cat may also consider an open door an invitation to visit.

Protect your home, protect your health

Mosquitoes are not only annoying, they are disease carrying parasites. The most common disease spread by mosquitoes in South Australia is Ross River virus, followed by Barmah Forest virus. There have also been cases of the rare but serious Japanese encephalitis in SA which is transmitted by mosquito bites.

Mozzie Proof Your Home

Replacement Fly Wire Doors and Insect Screens For Windows

At ASI, we offer a range of high-quality fly screen doors that are custom made to fit perfectly, keeping out even the tiniest of bugs.  You can also match your new fly wire door with your window screens for year round protection, day or night.

With two standard mesh options of aluminium and fibreglass, our insect screen doors are extremely flexible and versatile. Sliding fly screen doors are available in multiple configurations.

Since we started business in the mid-1980’s we have prided ourselves on offering the highest quality products to ensure the safety and protection of your family and belongings. That’s why in our manufacture and installation we only use high-grade materials that can pass the test of time and protect your family for the long term.

Damaged insect screens can mean your home is filled with annoying moths, flies and other unwanted bugs.

We can provide you with a no-obligation free quote on our insect screen products. You will know exactly what you will be paying and there will be no hidden surprises.

Insect Screening Options

Did you know that there are several types of fly wire?

From fibreglass to aluminium and even heavy duty fly mesh to stand up to enthusiastic pets.

Click here for our insect screening options or talk to the team at ASI

Keep Out Two-Legged Intruders

Fly screens are perfect for keeping the bugs out, but have you considered upgrading to security screens? At ASI we have been manufacturing security doors and screens at our Holden Hill premises for over 35 years.

Check out our range of Amplimesh plain mesh security doors and screens that look like simple fly wire. For more information click on the links below or call us for a free measure and quote:

Security screen doors

Window security screens

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