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How to clean your security screens

Cleaning security screens in doors and windows.

How often do you clean your security screens? Like most people, it’s probably not high on your list of interesting things to do, however properly cared for your screen doors and window screens will last for many years. The good news is, all it takes is some simple maintenance and a little time and effort.

At ASI the finishes applied to our security doors are of the highest quality. They are durable and weather resistant but, like most fixtures around the home, they will have dirt, dust and atmospheric pollutants deposited on them over time.

To keep the finish looking like new, use a mild detergent applied with a soft sponge or a soft bristled brush. Thoroughly rinse with clean mains water. This will avoid soap deposits deteriorating the finish. A quick wipe over with a microfibre cloth or chamois will prevent water marks from forming.

  • Never use harsh or abrasive cleaning projects as these will damage the finish.
  • Don’t use a broom, hard bristled brush or vacuum cleaner to clean security screens as these may scratch the finish.
  • Only use mains water. Bore water, tank water or recycled water will introduce contaminants to the screen.

Amplimesh Organic Security Door Screen Cleaner

As a proud Amplimesh distributor, we recommend their Organic Security Door and Screen Cleaner. It is made in Australia and is child and pet safe and free of parabens and other harmful ingredients. We have this available for sale at our Holden Hill showroom.

Click here for more information on Amplimesh plain mesh security doors.

How often should you clean security screens?

The frequency of cleaning required depends on where you live. Generally we recommend every three to four months. However if you live close to a heavy industrial area or on the coast, cleaning every two to four weeks is recommended.

Maintenance of Security Screen Door Locks

The locks on your security doors need a little TLC from time to time. Some basic maintenance can ensure trouble free operation and is especially important if your door is not protected from the weather.

Door locks need to have their moving parts lubricated two to three times a year.

Security Screen Lock Maintenance
  • For latch bolt cavities, aerosol based silicone spray lubricant is ideal. Use the extended nozzle tube supplied to make it easier to direct the spray. Spray directly into the bolt cavity and the small spring just above it. Important: Do not apply silicone spray directly into key slots or on to keys.
  • For use on keys and in the key slots of lock cylinders use only dry graphite powder.

Products such as WD40 are not suitable for lubricating locks as they attract dust and can clog your lock over time.

Need a new lock? Lockwood, Whitco and Austral brands are available for purchase at our Holden Hill premises.

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