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How Much Do Security Doors Cost in Adelaide?

Security Doors In Adelaide.

Security and peace of mind are priceless. However, it is hard not to think of how much screen doors cost when adding security measures to your home or business. At ASI Security, we are passionate about installing attractive and effective aluminium security doors in Adelaide. Coming in a range of different finishes and strengths, we believe that there is a security door available to suit everyone.

We have something for every budget, from classic diamond grille barrier doors to super safe plain mesh security doors. For specific pricing, contact ASI Security, as we are confident we will have something that suits your particular needs.

So, how much does a new security screen door cost in Adelaide?

Choosing a new security screen door can be confusing. There a several options on the market and the prices can vary considerably.

The main factor in determining the price is whether it is a true security door or a safety door. To be classed as a security screen door, it has to meet Australian Standard AS5039 for maximum impact and knife shear testing.

Plain Mesh Doors

Amongst the most secure security screen doors on the market are Amplimesh plain mesh doors. As a proud Amplimesh supplier, we know that they are rigorously tested to ensure they meet the Australian and industry standards.

How Much Does A Plain Mesh Security Screen Cost

At ASI we are pleased to offer you three different options of Amplimesh plain mesh doors. Prices for a ‘standard’ sized hinged door range from $790 to $990. These prices are based on a 850 x 2100 door. However, all our doors are custom-made at our Holden Hill factory Holden Hill and larger sizes, including sliding screen doors, are available.

Amplimesh IntrudaGuard® – made from a single sheet of specially tempered perforated aluminium secured in a heavy-duty aluminium frame. From $790 including a triple-lock, powder coating and installation. IntrudaGuard is also a great option for windows.

Amplimesh PrivacyGuard® – made from specially designed 2.5mm rigid aluminium, PrivacyGuard limits the vision of anyone looking into your home while allowing you to see out. From $810 including a triple-lock, powder coating and installation.

Amplimesh SupaScreen® – the most secure, is made from high tensile 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh secured in a sturdy aluminium frame using a unique patented manufacturing process. This eliminates the need for screws, rivets or pins. It also prevents the possibility of reactive corrosion as there is no direct contact between the different metals. From $990 including a triple-lock, powder coating and installation. SupaScreen is also the best option for security screens for your windows. SupaScreen not only meets the Australian Standards, it exceeds them!

Decorative Screen Doors

If you are looking for something more ornate we have a great selection of Federation and Colonial cast panel screen doors. These range from $850 to $1170 for a ‘standard’ 850 x 2100 hinged door. Decorative screen doors which feature glass panels are also available.

The price for our decorative doors includes a single lock, standard wire, powder coating and installation. As we make all our doors to order, you can choose to upgrade to a triple lock and stronger wire or even privacy mesh.

For a more contemporary decorative door, you may want to consider a Decoview door featuring stunning laser cut panels, durable and secure aluminium frames and triple locks. Decoview Doors range from $1674 through to $2215 for a 850 x 2100 door. There is an extensive selection of designs to choose from and they can be custom made to suit larger doors.

Diamond Grille Safety Doors

Diamond grille screen doors are a familiar sight around Adelaide. They are ideal for the budget conscious and are particularly popular for rental properties.

At ASI we manufacture diamond grille doors and window screens to order, ensuring the best possible fit. Prices for a ‘standard’ 850 x 2100 door range from $450 to $720 including standard flywire and installation. The price varies depending on the style of grille and lock selected. More durable flywire or privacy mesh is also available as an option.

What determines the price of screen doors?

If you are wondering what determines how much aluminium security doors cost here in Adelaide, think of the following factors:

The Size of the Door

The prices above are based on ‘standard’ sizes, however doors come in many different sizes and they can also be hinged or sliding doors.

There are too many variations to give all possible prices, but rest assured at ASI we will custom make your security door to the perfect size. One of our team members will visit your home, business or rental property to provide you with a firm price before you commit.

Level of Security

The design or pattern of a security door does not always correlate with how secure a door is. Our Amplimesh SupaScreen, IntrudaGuard and PrivacyGuard products, are designed with a plain and simple look, yet they are amongst the strongest security doors on the Adelaide market. They also come with a tri-lock as standard, meaning that your door is not only secured in the middle, but also at the top and bottom.

If you are looking for the best well-built security door in the market, you can expect to pay a little more than for something “off the shelf”. However, security doors are still considered a cost-effective security solution for your home or business.


Essentially, different designs equate to different costs. More secure locking mechanisms combined with high-quality materials and finishes all influence the price. One thing that we focus on at ASI Security is our ability to inform our potential customers. Rather than trying to sell you the most expensive option, we take the time to explain the different options to you and gain an understanding of what you want from your security doors. Whether the feel and look of the door is your priority, or whether you want the door that provides the most protection, we can help you make the decision.

Professional Installation

One of the last factors that may influence the price of your new security door is the installation. For example, if any alterations to the door frame are required, this would effect the price.

With ASI Security you can rest assured that you will be getting an effective and time efficient installation process from the people that actually made your door. This also saves you money, because there is no middle-man involved.

For professional installation of security doors in Adelaide, you can’t go past ASI Security. We have perfected the installation process over the last 35 years and can tackle just about every application out there. We can save you time and money, and installation is included in the cost of the door so you know exactly what you’re paying.

How Much Will Your Security Door Cost?

The best way to determine how much security doors will cost for your Adelaide home, investment property or business is to contact the team at ASI Security for a free measure and quote. We can come to your property and provide you with expert advice about products and installation possibilities. Alternatively you are welcome to visit our Holden Hill showroom. For more information on how much security doors cost, contact us today!

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