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Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are the most versatile window furnishing and have long been coveted for their visual appeal. Equally suited to both traditional and contemporary interiors, plantation shutters can effortlessly blend with neutral interiors or be incorporated to make a bold statement.

Our Highprofile ™ brand will take your home to a whole new level of style, transforming the way you live. Highprofile ™ plantation shutters combine strength and durability with elegant design, and help you provide the right mix of light, airflow and temperature control in your special space.

Our plantation shutters are custom-made to fit most window shapes and sizes, no matter how curved, angled, small or large. Choose between our two beautiful and versatile options of Poplar Painted or Basswood Stained timber shutters. Both options are made from 100% of the timber species named and not merely a laminated veneer lumber.

Highprofile ™ Poplar Painted shutters are available in a range of 12 popular paint finishes. They are coated with a specialised 2-pack polyurethane paint system, which includes 3 undercoats and a top coat for extra durability. Painted plantation shutters can also be custom coloured on request. Poplar timber is a low-density light coloured hardwood with a fine texture and flawless finish.

Highprofile ™ Basswood Stained shutters provide the rich luxurious appeal of natural timber and is available in 10 standard stains. Each part is stained, sealed, sanded and top coated. The indistinct grain of Basswood timber enhances the colouring process for a uniform texture across both lighter and darker shades.

Timber plantation shutters are available in three slat sizes, 64mm, 89mm and 114mm depending on the level of view-through required. The tilt bar can be mounted in the middle of the shutter panel or offset to the side for a more traditional look. Then there is the “clearview” mechanism, which is hidden on the reverse side of the panel, delivering a clean, contemporary look, with an unobstructed view through the open louvers.

Plantation shutters are a statement in any room, providing a unique look of class, sophistication and design. They are designed to be flexible and suit the needs of most homes. Plantation shutters can be installed in sliding, bi-fold, hinged or fixed panels – making them suitable for door openings, windows and as room dividers.

Benefits of plantation shutters:

Privacy – the louvers of plantation shutters are easily angled to stop prying eyes, while allowing daylight full access to the room. On larger windows the lower half of the shutter can be left closed to the outside world, while you can be the judge of how private your home is by adjusting the tilt of the upper half to your liking. This is ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms and street facing windows.

Space saving – plantation shutters usually sit well inside the casement of the window. Unlike heavy drapes and curtains that need overlap of wall space and protrude as much as 200mm into the room, plantation shutters can make your room look and feel more spacious. Enjoy the extra wall space for your special wall hangings.

UV protection and flexible light control – louvers can be angled to control how much light enters a room. Harmful UV rays can be directed away from your furniture, carpets and flooring thus extending the beauty and life of your interior possessions. When more light is required shutter panels can be fully opened back to allow a clear view through the window.

Sound and thermal insulation – when the panel doors and louvers are closed the shutters provide a layer of sound insulation. The timber barrier insulates your room, keeping warmth in during the winter months, and reflecting the heat out during the summer months, thus helping to reduce your heating and cooling bills.

Low maintenance and health benefits – compared to more traditional window coverings plantation shutters require very little maintenance. Dust does not collect on shutters in the same manner as it does on fabric curtains and blinds. An occasional quick wipe down with a microfiber cloth will keep them clean. Plantation shutters are perfect for those who suffer from allergies and want to avoid dusty environments.

Investment and curb appeal – because interior plantation shutters are now such a desired window dressing, you should consider them a sound investment for your home. They could help increase the potential price of your property.

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