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Security Doors Prevent Household Theft in Adelaide

Household theft is one of the most common crimes in Australia. Approximately one home is burgled every two minutes! It is little wonder that many of our customers buy security doors to protect their belongings when they are not at home.

However, a lot of home invasions occur while occupants are in the house. This has resulted in terrifying and traumatic experience for many.

We believe that the most important purpose of a security door is for “occupied security” – to protect you and your family when you are home.
First, a security door should create a barrier between you and the stranger standing at your front door. This is especially important if children run out to open the door unsupervised.

Second, a security door should enable you to leave the main door open for ventilation, while you are in the backyard, or another part of the house, knowing that no one could attempt to break in without making a lot of noise and alerting you.
We understand that choosing the right security door can be confusing. Many doors on the market give the appearance of security but offer very little protection. The vast majority can be broken into in as little as 3 seconds.

Here at Aluminium Security Industries, we take your security very seriously. Our high-quality security doors, sliding security doors, and security window screens are always custom made-to-measure and installed by our experienced technicians. As your local Amplimesh Authorised expert we can offer the advice to help you choose the style, finish and colour of your security screen products that will not only stand the test of time, but will also look great on your home.

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