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What’s Our Best Price For A Security Door?

Why we don’t discount?

So, what’s our best price for a security door? Quite simply, our best price is the one that we give to our customers up front.

In a world inundated with sales and discounts, it’s easy for consumers to become skeptical about the true value of products. At ASI, we believe in a different approach. We prioritise transparency in pricing, and don’t subscribe to the common practice of inflating prices only to offer false discounts.

In this blog, we’ll elaborate on our commitment to straightforward pricing and why it benefits our customers.

False discounts can create a culture of gimmicks and hype that ultimately do a disservice to both businesses and consumers. We choose to step away from this trend, opting instead for a clear and genuine pricing model. This approach allows us to remain focused on what truly matters: the quality and value of our products.

Honesty And Integrity

“What’s your best price for a security door?” is a question we are often asked and our customers are surprised and generally happy to hear that we never discount. This is because, at ASI Security we believe that customers deserve the best price up front. We are proud of our product and service and don’t artificially load our prices just so that we can offer a discount.

Whether you are shopping for security doors, screens, blinds or shutters you will know exactly where you stand with ASI. There won’t be any nasty surprises.

Quality Craftmanship And Service

As all our products are custom made, our prices are confirmed by a free measure and quote. This means that you can be confident you are receiving our best possible price. Installation is included in the price, so you know exactly what you’re paying.

We also use our own installers for all our security doors and screens. This means that not only can you be confident of a professional job, but you are not being charged for a ‘middle man’.

Building Long-Term Relationships

Our focus is on fostering long-term relationships with our customer. We believe that transparency in pricing is a cornerstone of building such relationships. By providing straightforward pricing, we aim to cultivate trust and loyalty that extends beyond a single transaction.

With over 70 percent of our business coming from repeat customers and referrals, we do not engage in expensive advertising campaigns. This helps keep our prices at an attractive and competitive level.

At ASI we won’t try to sell you the most expensive option. What we will do is show you the alternatives so that you are well-informed and can choose the product that meets your needs and budget.

So, what’s our best price for a security door in Adelaide?

Take a look at our blog post “How Much Do Security Doors Cost In Adelaide” for current pricing on our security doors. Alternatively, why not give us a call or pop into our Holden Hill Showroom for a chat.

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