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Kids Don’t Fly, Window Safety For Fall Prevention

Fall Prevention, Kid Safe Screens.

Each year around 50 children are seriously injured in Australia as a result of falling from a window or balcony. A large number of these falls take place in the child’s own home and can result in hospitalisation and even death. Kids under five are at the most risk as they are naturally curious and explore their world without recognising the dangers. The good news is that fall prevention through window safety is simple to address.

To comply with National Construction Code (NCC) requirements, elevated windows in new builds are required to be fitted with a fall prevention screen or restriction device. This significantly reduces the risk of falls and injuries. While there are no requirements for older buildings to meet the current building standards, you can be proactive about improving window safety in your own home.

Window Safety – Fixed Window Screens

Did you know that a child can fall out of a window which is open more than 12.5 cm, even if there is a fly screen in place? Many of the accidents recorded in Australia occurred when a child fell through an old or damaged insect screen.

Amplimesh® fixed window screens feature fall prevention technology designed to prevent screens from being pushed out from the inside. This is particularly important in elevated positions for example in a two story home or an apartment complex. Unlike window restrictors and locks, Amplimesh® fixed screens allow you to open your windows fully. You can enjoy ventilation and airflow while keeping your children – and even your pets – safe from accidental falls.

Replacing upper story fly screens

Talk to ASI, because kids really don’t fly

Here at ASI Security we are keen to raise awareness of fall prevention and window safety in Adelaide. We would be happy to advise on the installation of fixed window screens in your home.

Whether you choose SupaScreen®, IntrudaGuard® or Privacy Plus®, Amplimesh® fixed window screens measure up to fall prevention standards.

Fall Prevention Because Kids Don't Fly

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