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What Security Door is Best For My Adelaide Home?

ASI Makes Finding a Security Door for You Adelaide Home Easy

If you are in the market for an added layer of security for your property, it’s hard to go past a security door. While locks are efficient at deterring unwanted guests, security doors are manufactured to provide a secondary layer of protection from aggressive intruders.

At ASI Security, our number one priority is helping South Australians protect the contents of their home. Providing peace of mind is what we do, and by educating the public about which products are best for their particular requirements – you can ensure your safety. If you aren’t sure what security door suits your budget, property-type or general needs, our team at ASI Security are here to help!


Comprised of durable, woven stainless steel, the Supascreen is the highest quality option we offer. While this option is inherently more expensive, it is difficult to go past its incredible capabilities. The Amplimesh product offers the ambience and weather control of a regular screen door. However, its composition means that it is very difficult to detach from the frame to gain entry to a property.

The built-in three-point locking mechanism also means that once it is secure, it requires a key to unlock. Regardless of its capability, a Supascreen Amplimesh security door has a stylish, understated look, which will suit the vast majority of homes and business in South Australia.


For a more affordable option, that is still resistant to intruders; the Amplimesh Intrudaguard is a fantastic addition to any home or business. This variation has similar strength and resistant qualities, while also having the added stylish elements. The Intrudaguard security doors have been tested against ramming, knives and various aggressive tactics, to solidify it as a premier security door.

Similarly to the Supascreen doors, these products provide the airflow and transparency of regular residential screen doors, while having the added benefit of protection.

Decorative options

For those looking for an aluminium security door that is more for aesthetic function. We offer a range of decorative doors that suit a number of home designs. Depending on the nature of your property, often home and businesses owners want a door that has a fly screen but can also match the home in an aesthetic sense. Available with different patterns and colours, you will be able to find something that matches your design vision or goal.
These doors are still comprised of high-quality stainless steel and have comprehensive locking mechanisms. Therefore, they are not without protective capability.

At ASI Security, we take the time to educate you on the products that are available. During a free measure and quote, we will help you determine a security door option that takes into consideration your budget, design and security needs. To organise a consultation, call ASI Security today!

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