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What Types of Amplimesh Security Doors are Available?

Types of Amplimesh Security Doors

Are you looking to upgrade the protection of your home? ASI Security Adelaide has an array of Amplimesh security doors to keep out intruders and provide you and your precious family with the peace of mind you deserve. Our Amplimesh security doors are manufactured in Adelaide from the highest quality materials to ensure durability, longevity and to provide you with complete trust that your home is safe.


The number one ranking Amplimesh security door in Adelaide, SupaScreen is the most secure option when it comes to strength and durability. It also has an aesthetic design that is suited for today’s indoor-outdoor lifestyle, providing great visibility and fresh air throughout your home.

So what makes it so highly regarded? This particular security door uses 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh. It is the most substantial material in its class. The woven ultra-high tensile wire is the source of this strength and the 316 marine grade stainless steel provides much more superior resistance to corrosion.

SupaScreen is the ultimate in Amplimesh security doors in Adelaide.


A security door which is affordable, functional and most importantly sturdy. IntrudaGuard doors have an appealing design compared to the more traditional security screens, and are designed to suit the modern lifestyle.

IntrudaGuard mesh is made from a single sheet of specially tempered and perforated marine grade aluminium. Using a bonding process that rids the need for any unsightly fixings, IntrudaGuard is a proven Amplimesh security door which incorporates a system that minimises the chances of corrosion by ensuring various metal surfaces do not come into contact with each other.

A home is considered to be your most significant investment, so why not ensure its protection by using a proven security solution? IntrudaGuard can foil attempts at forced entry and has gone through testing against high impact attacks. The beauty of this door is that it can be custom made to suit your needs and complement your house, it’s the perfect combination of functionality and style.

Privacy Plus

Privacy Plus security doors will provide the strength and security of a conventional heavy duty security door, whilst providing comfort and privacy in a sleek modern design. Privacy Plus eliminates the need for bars or grilles using an innovative process to firmly secure the high quality 2.5mm aluminium mesh within a sturdy rigid security door frame.

Privacy Plus mesh limits the field of vision for those attempting to look in while allowing you to see out. The mesh not only provides a barrier between you and anyone standing outside your door, it also offers great protection against the weather.


Sharkurity™ doors feature a classic grille type design and are a popular choice from the range of Amplimesh security doors in Adelaide for their strength and durability at an affordable price. The doors incorporate a heavy duty frame and use strong extruded corner stakes as opposed to the less durable plastic stakes which do not adhere to Australian Standards.

There are two styles of grille available for your security door: the 133, which is a heavy duty single diamond design; and its heavier counterpart the 122 double diamond design. All Sharkurity doors can be custom made to suit your home and powder coated to match your décor.


The Pointer™ series of doors and window screens are the entry level into the Amplimesh range. They are ideal for those seeking a budget-conscious option where security is not a primary consideration. They provide a visual deterrent against unwanted guests and can be fitted with a range of fly screens or more durable pet resistant mesh or DVA mesh for added privacy.

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