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How Does A Security Door Deter Intruders?

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When you are considering adding security doors to your Adelaide home or business, it is easy to get a bit bogged down in logistics. At ASI Security, one of the most common questions we are asked by people is what is the best security door to deter intruders.

We only use the finest products, and we are proud to share with you just how a fantastic security door can help keep the contents of your home safe and help keep unwanted visitors out.

What determines the best security doors to deter intruders?


Design is fundamental to how successful a security door is. For the very best solution we recommend installing Amplimesh plain mesh security doors which have an anti pry design as they have no bars and grilles for would be intruders to pull on or try to pry off. In the event of an attempted break in, this would give you more time to alert authorities, or catch an intruder on CCTV. For example, our SupaScreen doors are the ultimate solution. They are made from sheets of Amplimesh 316 marine grade stainless steel woven into a fine mesh and secured in heavy duty aluminium frames. SupaScreen mesh carries a 16 year guarantee.

However if you prefer a decorative style door, such as a Federation style to suit the style of an older home perhaps, we recommend increasing the level of security by having a higher grade mesh infill rather than a simple fly screen. For example, we can fit IntrudaGuard punched aluminium mesh to cast aluminum security doors. Amplimesh’s IntrudaGuard mesh is made from a single sheet of specially tempered and perforated marine grade aluminium and carries a 10 year guarantee.

Locking Mechanisms

For hinged or sliding doors alike, one of the most important assets of a security screen door is a quality locking mechanism. Knowing that your home is guarded by a reliable and durable lock coupled with a mesh that not only meets but exceeds the Australian Standard, you can rest assured that only those with a key will be able to easily access your Adelaide home or business.

At ASI Security, our plain mesh security doors come with a quality triple lock as standard.


To be truly effective as a security door, at ASI we believe that the door frame is every bit as important as the mesh.

Our plain mesh security doors are manufactured to last. The mesh infills are secured in durable Australian aluminium panels. They are assembled using a unique patented pressure process, which eliminates the need for screws, rivets, pins or snap ins to retain the mesh panel. This ensures there will be no direct contact between differing metal surfaces, thus preventing the possibility of reactive corrosion.

We pride ourselves on our industry-based knowledge gained through servicing Adelaide homes and business for over 35 years. Our ASI Security team has been able to curate a range of security door products that are not only stylish, but have all the working parts to deter intruders in everyway possible.

If you think you need an extra layer of protection for your home or business, call us today and ask about our Adelaide range of security doors!

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