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How Does A Security Door Deter Intruders?

Security Doors Adelaide

When you are considering adding security doors to your Adelaide home or business, it is easy to get a bit bogged down in logistics. At ASI Security, we often find that one of the primary questions we get asked by people thinking about making this addition is how exactly will and ASI Security-installed door deter intruders.

We only use the best, and we are here to tell you just how a fantastic security door can keep the contents of your home safe for years to come. If you want to know just how you brand new door will keep unwanted guests out, we have you covered.


Design is fundamental to how successful a security door is. Using the very best in Amplimesh products we have been able to install doors that have an anti pry design. Some of the Supascreen products have nowhere for an intruder to pull from. This means that without a firm grip, a human intruder will have an extremely hard time trying to remove the door, giving you more time to alert authorities, or catch an intruder on CCTV.

The security doors we install are also designed with limited pry access in mind. As much as possible, the manufacturers have tried to limit the space where a crow-bar or some form of lever could be placed, once again making it very difficult for intruders to breech the threshold of the building.

Locking Mechanisms

Perhaps one of the most important assets of a security door, an Amplimesh security door will come equipped with a comprehensive and durable locking mechanism. At ASI Security, we believe that locking mechanisms are not only vital to the security of your home, but also to ensuring that you maintain a stress-free environment. By knowing that your home is guarded by a lock that is strong, you can rest assured that only those with a key will be able to easily access your Adelaide home or business.


Finally, using the strongest steel on the market is vital to the longevity of the security door itself, and its protective capabilities. Using Australian aluminium, the doors are designed to withstand heavy impact and abrasions. So, if you have those unwanted guests trying to knock down your door, they will have a very difficult time with Amplimesh security products.

Ensuring that we offer our clients only the best in steel security products is our mantra. By working with our team, you will be able to explore options relating to the best security door steel products on the market.

We pride ourselves on our industry-based knowledge. Through years of combined experience our ASI Security team has been able to curate a list of security door products that are not only stylish, but have all the working parts to deter intruders in everyway possible. If you think you need an extra layer of protection for your home or business, call us today and ask about our Adelaide range of security doors!

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